The Balanced Life offers tailored counselling for individuals, couples and families, aged 13 and upwards, for personal development, designed to bring about positive change and introduce balance to your life, allowing you to unleash your potential.

Asking for support is a personal decision and it's not easy to do. Especially after experiencing significant trauma such as domestic or sexual violence. It doesn't matter if the event happened recently or a long time ago, there's support available when you're ready.

The Balanced Life offers face to face Counselling in the West and Central Auckland Area and nation wide for skype or phone consultation.

Face to face counselling issues include:

Parenting issues
Teenage transitions
Behavioural issues
Adjusting to new situations
And much more.
Counselling at The Balanced Life

Addressing life's problems needs an eclectic approach in order to work alongside our complexity. No two people or problems are viewed or treated the same.

Counselling at The Balanced life includes the foundations of Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) , Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), Response Based Therapy (RBT), Mindfulness, Equine Assisted Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

The Balanced Life as well as traditional face to face counselling, offers unique ways of doing therapy through Walk and Talk Sessions which can be held anywhere you are comfortable walking in West and Central Auckland and Equine Therapy in Muriwai.

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Walk and Talk Therapy - How Therapy Works

It's important that you find someone that you relate to, and you feel comfortable talking to. I understand that you may be feeling nervous about making that first phone call or sending the first email. Some helpful suggestions of what to say when you call, email or txt are:

- I was thinking about getting counselling and I was directed to you as the best placed person to help, can you help me?

- I saw your profile on Talkingworks and you seem to be a good fit for me, would you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?

From this, you and I will work together to find the best options for support for you and your whānau. The first session is always an introductory session for us to get to know each other and make a plan on how to move forward and how long you might attend therapy for.
Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression (PND) Counselling in Your Home

Having a newborn is like entering into the world of the unknown. Every day brings different challenges and with lack of sleep, the reality is it can be quite a stressful and isolating event (as well as being wonderful). One in five women experience some form of Post Natal Distress and men can experience it also.

Therapy can help to:

Develop strategies for coping, reducing and managing post natal anxiety/depression
Increase your self-esteem and confidence
Address any relationship/family issues
Improve communication
Improve overall balance of life
Reaching out for help is always the hardest first step, however most PND is treatable and the sooner you reach out, the sooner you can get some balance back in your life.

Sessions are roughly 50-60minutes long and are discounted if you have a child under 1 year. You can arrange a time that suits best and I will do my best to work around you.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss if counselling will be right for you.
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Ellie Hancock

My journey into mental health started a very young age and since then I have been committed to personal and professional development. Helping myself and people learn different ways of dealing and thinking about problems. Mental Health and helping people is my greatest passion.

For nearly a decade I have been involved in organisations such as Youthline, Shine, Victim Support and now HELP. Alongside this I have worked in the corporate environment, a primary birthing unit, hospitality, and primary and secondary schools and since 2014 I have been in private practice.

I've experienced first hand what its like to experience trauma and not have someone in my corner who I can trust fully and guide me in a positive light. This in time has impacted my relationships, family and life choices and is one of my driving factors for creating therapeutic relationships that last a lifetime.

The Balanced Life is a continuation of this devotion to what I love and to what I do best, and 'those' conversations are actually the most important conversations you could ever have with somebody.
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Some Common Questions
What is counselling?
Counselling is the process of helping and supporting a person to resolve personal, social, or psychological challenges and difficulties.

How can counselling help?
A professional and well-trained counsellor helps clients to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point, and supports clients to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviour that will facilitate positive change.  

Counselling helps with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life changes and stress, relationships with family, friends and work colleagues, trauma and abuse, domestic and sexual violence,

I'm an adult, do I need counselling?
There will be times in your life when you have to make big decisions and having a professional there to talk things over with can provide you with a safe, non judgemental environment in which to talk things through (Something that can be hard to find with friends and family).

We will support you in every facet of your life but from the background.

How can I make an appointment?
Contact us by using the contact form, sending an email or calling 0220402233.

What if I can't afford counselling?
If there is any issue or concern of payment please don’t hesitate to discuss this with us.
If you are receiving income support from WINZ, you may be able to access a Disability Allowance to help with the costs. Alternatively, we have payment scales based on incomes.

How do I choose a counsellor?
Choosing a counsellor is really important. It is a mutual relationship based on trust, honesty and respect. Research shows that the relationship between the client and the counsellor has more effect than the type of counselling used. Most counsellors use a range of different modalities or ways of working and know how to find the way that works best for each client.  The most important thing is to look for a counsellor with whom you feel comfortable, safe and respected.  

In the initial conversation, enquire about appointment times, place and cost. Let the counsellor know what you want to get out of counselling and check that they can provide this. You may also want to ask about the counsellor’s qualifications, their professional membership and the way they work. You should get a sense of whether you’d be comfortable talking to this person.   

What does it mean that my counsellor is a NZAC member?
NZAC, the New Zealand Association of Counsellors / Te Roopu Kaiwhiriwhi o Aotearoa is the national professional association that acts for and with counsellors to monitor and improve the service they provide.

Counsellors who are members of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors are professional and highly qualified. They work with members of the public and with government agencies, schools and corporates to help people deal effectively with life’s stresses. Quality counselling provided by a trusted NZAC professional is a valuable solution for many people facing personal challenges.
Members are bound by the NZAC code of ethics and must attend regular supervision.

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What do I do if I want to lay a complaint?
NZAC has a complaints process you can access by writing to the Ethics Secretary, or NZAC, PO Box 25287, Wellington 6146 who can talk to you about whether you want to lay a complaint and what the process is.
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Life and personal development is a process. A process is defined as something that is ongoing. It doesn't end until you do. It is never complete. Life is always beautifully incomplete. I believe we are all works in progress and continue to learn and grow into ever-expanding versions of our best selves.

There can be times in our lives when moving forward in a positive, purposeful direction or being at peace seems impossible. While we do carry our past experiences and habits with us, we are intelligent and creative creatures and have the ability to move beyond these habits and experiences and make choices that align with our hopes and dreams.

If you are longing for a sense of well-being, if you are looking to establish better relationships, if you want to stop anxiety affecting your life and start believing in yourself and in what you do, if you want to learn how to set healthy boundaries and communicate effectively, if you want to build up your confidence, The Balanced Life offers you a chance to talk, think and feel freely in a non-judgemental environment. I can support you in your journey to improving your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, improving your relationships and most importantly, empowering you to live accordingly to your values and beliefs.

If you answer yes to any of the questions then you are in the right place:

- Are you feeling stuck or a little off balance?
- Do you feel as if you can't cope?
- Are you struggling with feeling stressed-out, anxious or angry?
- Perhaps you have nobody to talk to or one who listens to you?
- Feeling like something needs to change?
- Do you want to strengthen your confidence and communication skills?
- Do you want to take your life back from a dominating problem?
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